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     Red Standard 
    Poodle History
                             Where it all began

 Now for a wee bit of "red" standard                   poodle history.

Before 1980 there were no red standard poodles.  Yes there were reds in the miniature and toy varieties, but not the standard size. In the standards there were Apricots.  I was not there but I have spoken to Ester (minarets poodles, good friend of Janet Blannin, who was *Palmares poodles) and the history I have researched from poodle pedigree and hearing from other breeders is that Palmares and Shanghai La thought that Red would be a great addition to the standard poodle color selection.

First and foremost I must remotion taht my wonderful matriarch Larue, is a short 7 generations away from what some consider the beginning of the red standard poodles, and she owes much of her beauty, especially her long stunning poodle face, to Janet Blannin who bred Larue's mother Paris and the generations behind her all the way back to "Rusty" AKA Palmares E Pluribus Unum, the red male miniature poodle who brought the wonderful RED color to the standard poodle.  I feel Janet made the greatest impact on the red standard poodles as we know them today.

Following are a few kennels that have made a mark on the red standard poodle.

Palmares Kennel.  Janet Blannin sho was Key in the development of the red color in standards, passed away 02-15-2016.  Although the Palmares name lives on.  

Shangri-la kennel.  Ilse Kong passed away in 2005

Majestic Kennel.  Joan Mistkowski passed in 2009.

Minarets poodles.  Ester Underkofler still breeds, shows, and titles her poodles in, among other things, agility and obedience, proving that standards are more than just pretty faces.

Leatherstocking kennel.  Barbara and Stratford Deitch were successful in breeding top show quality standard poodles as well as therapy dogs.

At this time there are many breeders trying to breed red standards that are both conformationally sound enough to show, sweet enough to be therapy dogs, and smart enough to be hunters.

I would like to think that my small kennel will do all that and more.

These pups are handled with love, exposed to family life, know what it’s like to be ‘clean’ even while still in the whelping box, fed super foods, touched with care and gentleness.

JANICE (client with two CSS pups)

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