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Puppy Education


It all starts in the nursery!




Without the right foundation nothing can stand tall and grow to its potential.

Durning the neonatal period (birth to 12 days) puppies cannot hear or see well, and stay near to their momma and litter mates.

Our nursery is a soothing place for our momma’s, but not isolated at all.  It contains everything needed to bring our beautiful sweet puppies into the world with everything they need to grow strong and graduate to the next step.

In nursery school the puppies learn by smell & touch first, then slowly transition to seeing and hearing.  In this time they experience *bio sensor or *ENS stimulation, per *puppy culture protocols, their first bath, first face-feet-tail path shaving, and many other firsts.

They also go through the transitional period in the whelping box (13 to 20 days of age).  Eyes open, puppies can hear, they begin to walk in a wobbly fashion.  They begin to respond to taste and smell.

We utilize full spectrum lighting durning the daylight hours to augment our window and give them the most natural experience.  There is a TV in there generally tuned into HGTV (lots of hammering, sawing, and building sounds) for brief periods, also sports and of course classical music for building great brain potential.

One of us sleep in this room each and every night, to assure the puppie's and momma's well being, up until the time they graduate to the *pre school area in the great room of our home.


Puppy Education


What would life be without a great *pre-school experience.  The puppies are like sponges and soak in each and every new experience with tails wagging.  By the time they enter this area they are already people centric and look to the humans to pick them up, give them attention, and in general make their lives more well rounded.  They play hard and sleep soundly.
This is where they go through the awareness period (21 to 23 days) They are able to use their senses of sight and hearing.  Learning begins and it is a time of very rapid sensory development.   

When the puppies are not occupying this area, this is where our kitchen table sits, so they are indeed smack dab in the center of our hearts and our home.


Puppy Education


Recess, also known as “the most important class of all”.  :)))
When the door between *pre-school and *recess opens our puppies are exposed to the wide big world outside.  This new world of sights, sounds, smells, and adventures fill their puppy senses.  At first it seems a bit daunting and they hesitate at the threshold.  But that doesn’t last long as soon they are navigating that “first step” with ease and begging for that door to open when they wake up from their naps.
This is the period of primary (3-5 weeks) and secondary learning (6-12 weeks).

Puppy Graduation


As soon as our sweet potatoes are big enough, and have mastered *Recess, they are ready to go “on safari”.  This adventure takes them from their semi covered *recess area to the great expanse beyond….   Across the cement patio, toward the green grass, bushes full of fun leaves to play in, and trees to shade them overhead.  While on Safari they are allowed to chase the flying fox as well as torment our other standard poodles, running with abandon through the great expanse of grass.  They even get to look through the fences at our two horses, we call them 1,000 lb honorary poodles.  They are introduced to the sound of the lawn mower, an occasional chain saw cutting trees down in the surrounding forest, and other sounds out on our rural property.  Safari is the ultimate experience for this stage in our puppies lives.  Field trips happen at six or seven weeks (depending upon the developmental level of each individual litter).  This is when they learn about car rides and going out in the world beyond their little world here at Cinnfully Sweet Standards.

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