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Our Nursery


Our puppies are born in our puppy room also known as the nursery.  This room is dedicated to just one purpose, our beautiful red heads and their sweet offspring.  While in this room they are in “nursery school” and each puppy receives important training toward being a better canine as well as lots of momma's milk and plenty of love and kisses.

This puppy room sits right next to our kitchen (the heart of the home) and our great room, so the puppies are immersed in the everyday sights and sounds of family life.

There is a whelping box with everything needed for a great start on life.  This is pretty much their entire world for a short time.  While in the whelping box each and every puppy is handled and receives, either what some call “bio stem” others call “super dog,” but we call it ENS, or SMS, per *puppy culture guidelines.   This is a series of touch, position,  or stroking, actions that are carried out each and every day for the first few weeks of life.

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