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We Remember

I hope this finds everyone safe from the firestorms that are wreaking havoc and destruction on our beautiful west coast, as well as the recent hurricanes on the east coast and everything else that Mother Nature has thrown at everyone in between.

All of us here at the poodle ranch, both two and four legged, are safe.  The willow fire was thankfully fifteen miles to the north of us.  So far the winds have been in our favor and all that has made it our way is ash and smoke.  Lots of ash, and thick smoke!  This fire and the many other fires dotting our beautiful country have left us with smoke that is so oppressively dark, thick, and smelly that its unsafe to spend our days outside.   The poodles are content to lay by my side binge watch HGTV and cheesy hallmark Chanel movies.  Hopefully all the pesky weeds that are multiplying in my planting beds will decide to leave on their own before the air is clear enough for me to get out there and yank them out.  Although I seriously doubt it.    

Since this is a day of remembrances we should all take a moment to reflect on those we have lost, both two and four legged.

They will forever be physically gone from our touch, but will never be gone from our hearts and their memories will live on forever.

Although we are taking the time to reflect on our past and present, we hope those reflections guide us in planning for the future.  

Here at the poodle ranch we try and think as far ahead as we can.  But predicting when the heat fairy will sprinkle her dust on our girls is like guessing when the next wind storm will blow a hurricane or firestorm our way.  All we can do is make educated guesses.  And so far our girls are proving that they are anything but predictable.   And so we wait, patiently or impatiently in my case as patience is not something I do well.   

Hang in there everyone, stay as safe as you can, and remember the past so you can build a better future.

Cindy Paul So red hot they melt your heart.


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